Some people will say, “Call this DJ company and you won’t ever need to ask questions! Your wedding will be perfect.” This sounds like a really strong endorsement, sure, but it is also really terrible advice. Unless you are hiring your friend’s kid brother who DJ’s out of his bedroom, booking an entertainment company is not inexpensive, and you want to be absolutely sure you’re doing the right thing.

The worst thing we ever heard at Golden Note Entertainment from a bride and groom was that we weren’t “salesmen” enough. They ended up booking a different entertainer at a much cheaper rate and were totally dissatisfied because they looked at the cost more than the value.

You should retain some value if you’re paying money for a service! Evaluate your entertainment company prospects by asking five more important questions:

1) Do you have any awards, credits, or titles?

Sure, not every independent DJ is going to have awards, credits, or titles behind their name. But if you’re booking a wedding or another event, many companies are accredited and awarded for their rating on various services. For instance, WeddingWire gives out their Couples’ Choice Award every year to top-rated vendors. Knowing that the reviews are not only good, but verified, can give you some peace of mind about the nature of those reviews—they weren’t bought!

2) Am I guaranteed the entertainer that I choose?

Whether or not you even have a choice in your entertainer is really the question you need to ask. Companies with multiple entertainers often run a huge range: seasoned veterans in the business to brand-new MCs, multilingual MCs, and DJs who can spin for days and some who might still be a little green. Your entertainer is someone you should be working with as your event date approaches. Would it make sense to talk about your music with one person and then have someone you’ve never met handle it the day of your event? No! Make sure you are guaranteed the entertainer you choose.

3) Can I see my entertainer live and in person?

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Assuming you have options for your entertainer, you should have the opportunity to see them live and in person. Any average salesperson can show you a video of an MC on the microphone, but those clips are often scripted sequences that MCs rattle off at every event. Don’t you want to meet them? To know they can handle an active crowd on-the-fly? Being able to meet your entertainer is a valuable way to know you’re getting for your money.

4) What happens if my entertainer gets sick?

Emergencies happen! People get sick or injured, including potentially your entertainer. What happens if they get sick? Is the company you are hiring a one-man show who promises he’ll never get sick? Or will they subcontract someone you’ve never met? Or do they have a roster of entertainers who can jump in to deliver the same quality you expect? It’s a worst-case scenario, but on the day of your wedding you don’t want to not know!

5) How many sets of equipment do you bring?

Emergencies happen! In many ways! Here’s a terrifying scene: it’s raining the day of your outdoor tent wedding and the tent starts leaks over your DJ. The leak gets fixed but his mixer shorts out from the water. What happens next? A great entertainment company will come with backup equipment for these kinds of emergencies. We think anyone who doesn’t is only doing half the job. Know your entertainer is prepared for anything.

Again, you want to know the value of the service you are getting more than just the cost. Plenty of entertainment companies can be in your face with a flashy video, but can they really answer questions? Can they be prepared for the worst and help you through it? Can you rely on them to personalize your day? Or are you just going to sign for the lowest bidder?

Contact us today for a consultation and see how Golden Note answers your questions!