Golden Note Casinos

All casino companies are not created equal! Golden Note Casinos is a subdivision of Golden Note Entertainment that is built on many of the same principles as our core entertainment service.

We Provide The Best Products

Our tables are made from the best quality manufacturers. The goal is simply to give our guests the feel that they are playing at a casino table they would find in a real casino.

We Provide The Best Personnel

Our dealers and pit bosses are Atlantic City or Las Vegas dealers or have been trained by legitimate dealers. They can provide the most realistic personal experience to the most demanding players while helping the your “rookies” with the ropes and maximizing the experience of all.

We Always Have Entertainment In Mind

At Golden Note Entertainment we believe that the casino experience is not only about the dealing of cards or the rolling of dice. We believe that there is an entertainment value that needs to be reached at every casino event. Music, lighting and specialty dealers or items that Golden Note Casinos can provide for your event.

We Provide The Best Value

We understand our market. When it comes to casino providers, you definitely get what you pay for. While we may not be the cheapest, we are nowhere near the most expensive. You will find that Golden Note Casinos will be the best balance of cost and quality.