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Our Talent

The most important part of Golden Note Entertainment is our staff. We are one of the few companies that employ full-time staff and you can only find these entertainers—MCs, DJs, and event technicians—here. Please take time to get to know our family, so we can take care of yours!

Gerry Siracusa | President
Gerry SiracusaPresident / Emcee / Event Consultant
Gerry has been entertaining for over 20 years and is the most requested entertainer at Golden Note. Providing a great mix of elegance, energy, originality and the ability to fill bi-lingual Italian needs, Gerry always proves how he and Golden Note remain among the leaders in the industry. Speaking at both major international DJ conventions in both Atlantic City and Las Vegas and being voted the 1998/1999 and 2005/2006 Entertainer of the Year, are just some ways in which Gerry constantly raises the standards for his company and the industry.
Bill Delaney | Emcee
Bill 'The Rock-N-Roll Doctor' DelaneyEmcee / DJ
Known far and wide as The Rock-N-Roll Doctor, Bill Delaney is one of Golden Note’s most experienced entertainers. He carries an immense library of music to every gig, supported by an encyclopedic knowledge of songs and music history from his more than twenty years working in the entertainment industry. As an avid consumer of pop culture, trivia, sports, and live performances, Bill keeps himself on the contemporary cutting edge, investing as much interest in the future of music as in its past. “Entertaining is in my blood,” he says, “my job is my passion and my passion is my job.” For a fun night of laughing and dancing, the Doctor prescribes the right music, at the right time, at the right volume!
Camilo Rodrigues | Emcee / DJ
Camilo J. RodriguezBilingual Emcee / DJ
Camilo has been an entertainer and DJ for the last 40 years (Yes, he started when he was only 14!).  An avid collector of vinyl, Camilo knows the power music has over every event, and he takes pride in the lifelong honing of his craft as a multicultural DJ and entertainer. When he’s not spinning music, Camilo loves to travel, and practice mixed martial arts as well as his Roman Catholic faith. His goal is to develop a long-lasting friendship with his clients deliver more than they ever expect.
Jim McBride | Emcee
Jim 'JAM' McBrideEmcee / DJ
Jim started at Golden Note after hiring us for his wedding. He chose to join our family immediately after returning from his honeymoon. His outgoing personality and dedication has quickly converted him into a very talented DJ.
Patrick Boyle | DJ
Patrick BoyleDJ / Technician / Blogger
Having been with Golden Note since 2011, Patrick Boyle is an incredibly well-rounded entertainer whose drive and dedication has catapulted him through the Golden Note Training Program. He is a graduate from William Paterson University and is now finishing his MFA in Poetry at Bennington College. His love for tattoos, local punk bands, and art highlight his eclectic nature—Patrick is all about alternative music! “I love remixes, acoustic cuts, and b-sides that fit nicely with today’s pop music,” he says, “I love digging for songs that fit the mood more than simply playing a standard choice. Every event should be a fun and unique experience.”
Jillian Vos | Event Consultant
Jillian VosEvent Consultant
The sweet voice answering your call with Thank you for calling Golden Note Entertainment! How may I help you? is none other than Office Manager, Jillian Vos. As a lead event consultant, Jillian’s main goal is for her clients to leave the office informed, energized, and confident in Golden Note’s business. “It’s important that my clients understand everything, but also that they get excited,” she says, “I want to make sure that my clients know they can trust Golden Note Entertainment.”

“I love what I do because making people happy is what I live for; I love knowing on a weekend morning that my team will help make memories for my clients on one of the best days of their lives—and that I helped in getting that all together.”

Toni Topps | Event Consultant
Toni ToppsEvent Consultant
Toni, a 10-year event consultant for Golden Note, found her passion for weddings while planning her own with her high school sweetheart. Now the mother of two children, she loves spending time with her family, being crafty, and dancing like a fool. People consider her an old soul for her kind upfront demeanor, but she’s really a hardcore rock ‘n roller! Toni puts her degree in event management to great use—her goal for every client is a unique experience, making sure that even the tiniest details are handled with care.
George Graziano | DJ
George GrazianoDJ / Technician
For Golden Note, he is a lighting technician, a photo booth host, and a reel memories technician, but would most love to show you what he’s made of as your DJ.
John Garcia | DJ
John GarciaDJ / Technician
John may be Golden Note’s youngest entertainer, but he packs a punch of musical experience well beyond his years. For Golden Note, he is a lighting technician, a photo booth host, and a reel memories technician, but would most love to show you what he’s made of as your DJ.
Vitale Sacultanu | DJ
Vitalie SacultanuDJ / Technician
Vitalie Sacultanu was born in 1989 in Moldova. His passion for music began at the age of 13, playing the drums, which led him toward becoming a DJ. He’s been the resident DJ at clubs in Romania and has performed in front of thousands of people at numerous open-air festivals. Today, he’d love to DJ your event!