When planning a wedding, most people think about the essentials first—centerpieces, the guest list, the ceremony, the food. Entertainment falls into that mix, too, but a to-be-married couple usually won’t ask, “Do we need TVs at our wedding?”

TVs doesn’t mean your old man’s tube. We mean everything from beautiful flat-panel displays to large-format projection screens.

Maybe it’s an awkward or silly thing to consider, but we think it’s a question that should be asked. Not only are TVs becoming a popular add-on to many wedding entertainment packages, but they’re incredibly versatile and they serve to enhance an event rather than distract from it. There are a number of ways to incorporate TVs into your wedding. Below are some of our favorites:

Video DJing and Live Dance Floor Camera

When you’re on the dance floor at a wedding, it’s great to dance with your friends. It’s liberating to cut loose and shake it regardless of how much rhythm you have (or don’t have). One of the foundations of a great dance floor, aside from music, is lighting. The added color and motion makes the room feel alive and more appealing to the audience. Video can add a similar effect.

This is where video DJing comes into play. Playing music videos or even simple ambient effects that sync with the music creates an additional layer of energy on the dance floor. And when your guests really fill it in? A live dance floor camera gives everyone an awesome, high definition, view of the crowd, and it’s a blast for your friends and family who want to ham it up on the big screen.

Screens - Wedding | Golden Note Entertainment - NJ Wedding DJSlideshows and Reel Memories

Video DJing can be a complex enhancement that, really, only some entertainment companies can pull off. One simple way couples build screens into their event is with a slideshow. During dinner, when your guests are already seated, playing a slideshow with photos of the married couple can be a sweet and touching moment for your guests. It reminds people that they are their for you as much as they are there to party.

One way we incorporate slideshows at Golden Note is with our Reel Memories package. We ask our clients to deliver a set of photos—of them with family, friends, and of course with each other—that we put into a custom slideshow set to music: a video photo album. We’ll play your video photo album during dinner. Reel Memories also includes a photographer who will take photos during your event for a second recap slideshow during dessert.

Seeing all those photos at your event, on big and clear screens, makes the stage yours. The entertainment really becomes wholly about you. Two slideshows, one package, and a ton of memories.

Same-day Video Edits

If you really want to take memory-making to the next level, same-day video edits is the way to go. Similar to a video photo album, your videographer (you’ve met Greg from Ever After Studio…right?) can create a video highlight reel from the whole day: getting ready, your ceremony, your first dance. Playing these highlights for your guests is an incredible way to recap the day. And when you see it in full HD on big screens, you almost won’t believe it’s your wedding.

If you’re considering a big lighting package like our titanium towers, adding TVs is an incredible and simple way to expand your experience at your reception and doesn’t add much to the space your entertainer needs on stage.