We see it all the time—people pick their DJ based on their budget, and often this results in having a friend “DJ” on the cheap, or they hire a company that simply doesn’t deliver on their expectations. Nobody wants their wedding or birthday party ruined because the DJ can’t really do the job!

A quality entertainment service will have you satisfied not only at your event, but before and after as well. Here, we’ve listed five questions to ask before you hire any DJ or entertainment company:

1) How long have you been a company?

We’re assuming you’re hiring a company, and if so, how long have they been a company? Running a business is very different than operating independently and a business with a history of success will be prepared to speak about it. Twenty years of operation is very different than your friend who DJs from their bedroom.

2) How experienced is your staff?

Companies come with a staff—or so you think. While some companies hire and train all their own staff, some “entertainment companies” don’t even have DJs! They may just be subcontracting another local company. Be sure that the company you’re working with can say something significant about their staff’s experience.

3) How many events do you perform at each year?

Volume of work is a strong marker for your DJ’s investment in the work, because sure, they may be the boss of an entertainment company for the last ten years, but are they only DJing a handful of events a year as a side hustle? Or is your entertainer committing to 100+ events per year? Quantity here is a marker of experience. The more your entertainer works, the more likely they are familiar with your venue, other vendors, and—honestly—new music too!

4) Do you offer other services besides DJs?

Companies today often want to fill the gap in your entertainment needs, and you no longer need to hire separate companies (and sign multiple contracts) to have music, lights, and a photo booth at your event. Knowing in advance can save you tons of time and money.

5) Do you have office support?

Asking about office support is more than just making sure your DJ isn’t working out of their van. Office support means someone is ready to discuss your contract with you, help you pick songs, coordinate with your vendors, and really provide any assistance you need before and after your event.

Answers to all of these questions should be pretty readily available to you if you’re asking a reputable company. But if your potential DJ is hesitant to give you a clear answer about what they offer and their history of service, you might want to ask the most important question: Is this who I want to hire?