All You Need is the Right Attitude

At Golden Note Entertainment all you need is desire and a great attitude. Our comprehensive training process will do all the rest. When we are done, you will learn the following topics and discover how to use them to add yourself to the list of qualified Golden Note entertainers.

Back Stage Opportunities

Golden Note Entertainment offers excellent opportunities behind the scenes. You can join our talented support staff working in sales as an entertainment consultant or operations as an equipment or talent coordinator. The opportunities are endless!

A Great Way to Make Pay

Golden Note offers the best opportunity to get paid to party. By providing great music and contagious fun, you will convert any event into an amazing production. Full or part time Golden Note is a fabulous way to maximize your income!

What You Need

What You Need

To be 18 years or older

Your own car with a valid driver’s license

Comfortably lift at least 50 lbs

Have your weekends available (day and evening)

Live within 25 minutes of our office in Wayne

What You Will Learn

Audio/Video equipment setup

Music mixing techniques

Simple photography and videography

Audience Interaction

Party Specialization