Let’s face it–we are all bombarded by fundraisers: schools, churches, sports teams, and ton of other charities are all constantly soliciting our support. Being a member of any fundraising organization is stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. And as our wallets thin out, so does our ability to maintain quality social time with our friends and loved ones. With our expenses and free time in jeopardy, when it comes time to run our own fundraisers, how can anyone expect to hold a successful event? How many tricky trays and beefsteaks can a person be expected to attend? Probably only one or two in a year without going gift-basket crazy, getting too fat, or going broke.

Stop hosting boring beefsteak dinners! Instead of bringing your core sponsorship to another expensive meal, bring them to a casino. Turning any venue or hall into a lively casino is easy, and the benefits are endless. Casino events are:

  • Incredibly Simple
    Today, it is unbelievably easy to set up a casino event. Real tables and real dealers are at your fingertips. Getting your guests in, gambling, and having fun takes organization, but is fairly low-maintenance once they’re at the tables. And we’ve put together a few guidelines to make it even easier!
  • Wildly Unique
    How often do you get to play blackjack, roulette, or craps with your friends? With your co-workers? With clients? Everyone on your guest list deserves a night of fun and socialization for their money. Even as the host of a casino fundraiser, you’ll have a chance to let loose and enjoy the night! Shouldn’t your event be unlike any other?
  • Instantly Memorable
    Once you’ve hosted one casino, we won’t lie…it’s addicting…for you and your guests! Everyone knows how delicious beefsteak might be, but who will talk about it for days or weeks after? Casinos quickly become ingrained in the culture of many organizations’ fundraising efforts and are consistently successful. Nothing tastes better than success!

Golden Note Entertainment is here to help! Sign up for our mailing list below to receive our Guidelines for a Great Casino Event. Give your friends, family, supporters, and co-workers the night of fun they deserve for their support. Get in touch with us. And never worry about another buttery beefsteak again.

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