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Products & Services


Our team of experienced MCs, DJs, and Techs will work with you to customize your party to your style and keep your dance floor energetic and your wedding elegant. But weddings are not all we do!

Lighting & Decor

If you want your room to pop, we offer a wide range of lighting packages. Uplight your whole room in multi-colored LEDs or fill your dance floor with dynamic stage lights.

Photo Lounges

Golden Note wants you to always remember your amazing event! Our photo lounges let you bring those memories home. High quality photo booths and Instagram print stations will capture every memory.


We know a party is more than just dancing! Our GNExtreme services—Casinos, video game lounges, inflatables, and more—will take your event to a new level. Especially great for any corporate party or project graduation.

Great Music

Every wedding needs great music. No matter what, we’ll keep your dance floor alive.

Bright Lights

Give your event the perfect color. Make your wedding burst with light and energy.

Fun Memories

Preserve your favorite moments. Our photo lounges guarantee a party you’ll never forget.

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