At Golden Note, entertainment is the core of our planning. But we’re also well-established in decor, atmosphere, wedding ceremonies—almost everything except putting food on your guests tables. Choosing a venue alone is a difficult decision, and there’s so much involved. Are you indoors or outdoors? Indoor but with an outdoor ceremony? What happens if it rains? Is the bar in the main reception room?

This week’s wedding inspiration is all about planning for your venue. Check out the articles below for some helpful tips:

7 Surprise Costs to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Katie Byrne at WeddingandWeddingFlowers has seven incredibly helpful considerations for choosing your wedding venue while keeping your wallet in mind, too. Things like a cake cutting fee can be an unexpected shock to some couples. Click through to read more!

13 Tricks to a Flawless Outdoor Wedding

Lauren Kay at TheKnot has some great ideas on how to guarantee a successful outdoor wedding. We like tip #9: optimize for sound. Without walls to bounce off, your DJ needs an optimal sound system, especially if your outdoor event gives you leeway to have a larger group of guests than you’d have indoors.

4 Alternative Wedding Ceremony Ideas

For that on-site nontraditional wedding ceremony officiated by Reverend Siracusa, we at Golden Note have some ideas on how to build your marriage ritual without doing what everyone else does. Be unique and lead your guests through a unity ceremony that fits you.

10 Ways to Guarantee Happy Wedding Guests

Katie Byrne again at WeddingandWeddingFlowers drops ten excellent tips for guaranteeing happy guests. What’s the point of all this planning if people will leave feeling miserable? Get venue-specific with tip #7: Be thoughtful with your seating plan.