This week’s wedding inspiration comes from a couple lists, each with eleven ideas to share on different wedding planning topics (and yeah, we’re cheating—one list has only eight!). From seating to your guests to relaxing before the big day, check out these articles for some excellent inspiration:

11 Things No One Tells You About Wedding Planning

Hallie Goodman on TheKnot has eleven important things to tell you and it’s not about planning centerpieces! The reality is that wedding planning is stressful and it’ll throw you on an emotional rollercoaster. Read this and plan a bit of self-care as you embark on an incredible (but worthwhile) task.

11 Creative Seating Ideas For Your Wedding Ceremony

Katie Byrne brings us 11 unique ways to seat your guests at your wedding ceremony. Pews and neatly lined up rows are nice, but adding some new shape and dimension to your ceremony can really enhance the event. Check this list if you want something fun and different.

11 R&B Love Song Lyrics That Would Make Perfect Wedding Vows

TheKnot drops this list of awesome R&B love songs. While John Legend’s “All of Me” shows up at #9—a song which has been incredibly popular for a while—we love “Fall for You” by Leela James at #7. Click through to see the whole list.

8 Ways to Relax The Week Before Your Wedding

Remember how we said you should plan for a bit of self-care? Caitlin Krebs at WeddingWire has eight ways for you to do just that. Included in the list is a trip to the mall and, having just planned a wedding, you should #treatyourself. Read all eight ways by clicking through.