Because weddings require a ton of planning (and we can help a lot with planning), the devil ends up being in the details. You’ll have all the chairs and food and music you need, but you’ll notice when it’s less than perfect—when it’s not exactly what you want. This week’s wedding inspiration is all about details:


Amazon Launches Handmade Wedding Shop

Francesca Sgambati at New Jersey Bride gives us the scoop on Amazon’s new handmade storefront. It’s the perfect place to peruse for the gifts and decor you need.


The Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette All Brides Need to Know

Erin Celleti at outlines three simple aspects for making sure those post-wedding thank you cards land in mailboxes in a timely manner, and that they are well-received. It’s good to be known for your follow through as much as your ability to host a rockin’ event.


10 Ways to Have a Visually Stunning Wedding (For Cheap)

Dustin Cantrell at A Practical Wedding shows us 10 really excellent considerations for having excellent photos without breaking the bank. Photographers are open to your suggestions and appreciate when clients have some kind of vision. Read through these tips and hit up an awesome photographer to capture the memories.


14 Tips for the Perfect Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

Katie Byrne at Wedding and Wedding Flowers has a selection of helpful suggestions for that Father of the Bride speech. Dad may not be the best on the microphone, so it wouldn’t hurt to pass these hints his way.