At Golden Note Entertainment, we’re known for bringing great entertainment to weddings. But what keeps us in top shape as an entertainment company are teen events. Sweet sixteens, project graduations, and—of course—junior and senior proms. Teenagers, even those entering college and adulthood, are a bit fickle. Their interests, especially favorite songs, change rapidly. So how is it that we’re able to keep these kids out of their seats all night? The package we put together guaranteed a rockin’ party:

A Simple Photo Booth

Yes, we have photo booths that connect to social media. But all 300 prom attendees are already posting on social media. They’re going to take photos and videos on the dance floor. A simple photo booth gives them a new context to act silly and have fun, and it gives them something to take away. Social media is fleeting. Good old-fashioned photo booth strips become keepsakes.

Our Reel Memories Package

It’s awesome to see two huge flat-screen TVs at a prom. As entertainers, we can use them for music videos, visuals, slide shows—honestly whatever you want. But we really love to use them for our reel memories package. During the event, we have a photographer circulating the room taking photos, posed and candid, that get played as a slideshow toward the end of the night. High school students love this. They love seeing themselves and their friends. They love the surprise of a great photo on a big screen. And we send these photos to the school, too, so students can have them after the event. Check out the photos from our reel memories photographer below to see some highlights from the night!

Titanium Towers

We’ve worked with a lot of schools and, generally, they want to go with a simple intelligent lighting package. Administrators think, “Sure, a few flashing lights should be fine to ‘energize’ the dance floor.” Yeah, a few lights works for weddings where the average guest count is less than 150 people. But school proms and formals can average way over 200 attendees! If that completely packed dance floor isn’t washed with light, if even part of that dance floor doesn’t feel like a party, students will walk away. Our titanium towers package washes the entire dance floor and is custom programmed to the room. Students feel like they’re at a major event—not just a room with a DJ.

An Excellent DJ

Speaking of DJs, choosing a premiere entertainer is important. Plenty of entertainment companies say they can handle proms. They say they know all the new music. But do they? We know high schools students today aren’t listening to just the radio anymore. They’re listening to XM, Spotify, and Soundcloud. We only send out a DJ who can actually handle a high school audience. The prime reason we rocked the Bergen Catholic senior prom was because our DJs spin all night long, and play the music high school seniors really want to hear.

Do you have questions about making your school’s prom fun and exciting? Are you thinking about hosting a project graduation, too? Reach out to us by e-mailing