Working with Gerry and his team was a real joy!! From the moment that I saw how Gerry was able to make a crowd of exhausted brides and their significant others get up and dance and have a great time at a bridal expo one weeknight, I knew this was the guy I should entrust in infusing the fun into our party!! Gerry is unbelievably professional; he takes his job seriously and knows his industry down to a science! Gerry and his team rocked our party from start to finish! We have gotten endless compliments on how great the music was and how they had the best time dancing the night away!! I could not possibly recommend Golden Note more!! They take pride in making your party the best party it can be! Thank you for giving us the tunes that will forever be the background to one of the most memorable days of our life and the cause for some amazing pictures!! You guys were a joy and I feel blessed to have found you!


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