My husband and I met Gerry from Golden Note at a bridal show and his personality, professionalism and entertaining showcase had us sold. Gerry didn’t push us that night but instead gave us information on his company and told us we could call and make an appointment if we were interested. I loved the non pushy sales! We did call and came in to learn more about their services. We decided to go with one MC which we connected with at the bridal show. Fast forward 8 months before the wedding Gerry gave me a call with what felt like discouraging news at the time – the original MC we selected was now going to be away on business in China and he called as soon as he knew. I commend him for calling right away and letting us know. He gave us several options to keep us happy. We then decided to go with another MC who made a positive impression on us at the showcase as well, Mario. What a great choice for us! Mario is fun, professional and really aims to please and wants your day to be as memorable as he can make it. My fiancé and I weren’t able to make the final appointment to set everything up and Mario gave us his personal cell phone and email to contact him at any time with any changes or concerns. We couldn’t ask for more. Gerry sent out our new contract with Mario on it and to our surprise Gerry upgraded us to an awesome lighting package for FREE! When we called to settle the “mistake” on the contract Gerry said he added it because he was sorry for the last minute change (which is far from a last minute change, it was months away) and he really appreciated our understanding and business. It was a great surprise and really made the room pop! I recommend their lighting services! Now, a month after our wedding in the mail I received a cd of pictures they captured on their own from our wedding. Thank you GNE for treating us like family, you’re the best!!


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